Invisalign is a great option for adults and teens alike. Everyone thinks that it is a highly advanced option and will cost way too much than traditional braces. Sometimes, people even hesitate to consider Invisalign as an option as they think it will be beyond their budget. Well, here is the surprising good news. Invisalign therapy is pretty much affordable. Its cost works out almost similar to traditional braces.

The smart way to ensure you get the best value for your money is by ensuring you choose your provider correctly. Choose a fully qualified and licensed orthodontist with extensive experience over a general dentist who may not have the extra hours of training required to become an orthodontist.

Go to a clinic that provides only orthodontic services. This way you land up with doctors who are only doing orthodontic cases day in and day out. Their exposure and ability to deal with all kinds of orthodontic problems will be higher. Plus, the clinic will be better equipped in terms of latest instruments, equipment and technology in the field of orthodontia. Since, they can solely focus on providing the best orthodontic treatment, their investments will be towards the bet things available in the market.

Make sure you ask relevant questions during the initial discussion itself. There should be no extra charges for x-rays, impressions, models and photos, all trays, all refinements. Sometimes fixed appliances may be needed to expedite the treatment time. There should be no cost for these too. Technically, all charges should be included in the quote, including charges for the retention appliance. As long as you get the full Invisalign package then the refinements will be included in the overall treatment plan. Refinements may be needed to fine tune any movements that need to take place once treatment is finished.

Now, in case you lose one of your trays, or it has been damaged or destroyed, then the best option is to temporarily replace it with your previous tray and visit your orthodontist as quickly as possible. It may be possible to simply move on to the next tray in your set if it fits. However, if it does not, then the doctor will have to replace the lost or damaged tray which will cost anywhere from $50-100. So, take good care of your trays to avoid this additional charge. For teens, Invisalign provides 6 free tray replacements. So, that is another reason why teens should opt for Invisalign.

We offer great discounts on Invisalign as we are one of the top 1% Invisalign providers in the country over the past few years. Align technologies extends some discounts to us because of our high business numbers and awesome results. We pass on these discounts to our patients to make the cost more affordable. If you wish to get an expert opinion, contact our orthodontists. These are all free of cost to you and we encourage you to check us out and ask questions.

The average charges for Invisalign therapy range from $4000 to $8000. The price is something that depends on various factors like difficulty of your case, city you live in, any specific requirements or additional treatment required. We offer flexible payment options to people who do not have insurance. If insurance covers it, no worries! We accept all insurance policies.

Treatment duration on an average is a year or two. You need to wear the trays all the time except when you are eating, drinking, brushing or flossing. You need to change them every two weeks and your orthodontist should be seeing you every six weeks. Once the teeth are aligned, the retention appliance needs to be worn till they get used to their new positions. Also, it is better if the doctor continues to see you for 2 years to make sure your teeth remain straight. Diamond Braces gives you a lifetime warranty on your smile.

Invisalign therapy is a great option for all as it fits easily and unobtrusively into your scheme of things. You no longer have to feel conscious about braces or irregular teeth. Diamond Braces offices are present across locations in the Tri-State area.

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