It is very important to check out the before and after treatment results of any provider to make sure you are going to the right place. Reading reviews, participating in online forums or discussing with people who have undergone treatment gives you a fair idea about what to expect. It is obvious one must choose a provider based on the number of customers, their satisfaction levels and results. Here, we present our collection of treatment pictures of healthy and happy smiles created at Diamond Braces by using the invisalign tool.

One can clearly appreciate the transformation that has been brought about in all the smiles. You could be young or old; male or female, we are here to craft a beautiful smile for you. Having treated thousand of patients, we have grown over the years into a facility that can cater to any orthodontic need. So, take advantage of our complementary offline and online consultation option and our experts will guide you and will answer all the questions you may have. Just come and see for yourself.

Before and After Invisalign Cases from Actual Patients

Ana G.

Ana Final

Anna R.

Anna Roth final

apexa final

Donna V

V Donna

Elizabeth G

Elizabeth G Final

Eric F

Eric F Final

Galina Z

Z Galina Final

Giorgi D

Giorgi D Final

Gregory W

Gregory W Final

Jennifer G

Jenny G Final

Kirill K

Kirill Final

Ksenia I

Ksenia Final

Maya P

Maya P Final

Natalia B

Natalia B Final

Sara S

Sarah final

Uliana S

Uliana Final

Vicky S

Victoria S Final

vincent S Invisalign

Yulia G

Yulia G Final

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